2019 Greater Cincinnati Polar Plunge

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Zeta Beta

Our fraternity has been committed to the Special Olympics of Hamilton County from its arrival on campus six years ago. Every year we have men jump, not just to raise money for a cause we all care about but oddly enough we enjoy it. Every year we reluctantly wait to jump into the ice water but as you're waiting in line, no shoes, no shirt, and sometimes in snow or rain, and you're going numb you realize this is all a small pain for an amazing cause. If you have a had the privilege to be a volunteer or a coach, you know just how much all of the sports and event mean to the athletes. The money raised during the polar plunge drive and all subsequent drives help fund events and cover costs for over 30,000 special athletes in Kentucky and Ohio. Some of our members that have had the privilege of volunteering and coaching can attest how much these events mean to the athletes and families alike. There is no better feeling than seeing the overwhelming grin that comes across an athletes face & subsequently the faces of the athletes’ families during one of these events.

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