Plunge Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Polar Plunge?
The Plunge is one of Special Olympics Kentucky biggest fundraisers! Participants raise money to jump into the icy pool! All the proceeds help fund Special Olympics Kentucky Athletes!

What is a Virtual Plunger?
The Virtual Plunger is designed for those who are not able to attend the event in person or want to jump into the pool, but who would like to show their support by fundraising. By registering as a Virtual Plunger you will gain access to all the same fundraising tools available to other plungers. You can even create or join a team. This is perfect for family members and friends who do not live in the area.

When and where is the Plunge?
The Plunge will be held on February 22, 2020, at the Middletown Texas Roadhouse.  For schedule changes and updates see our Facebook Event Page

Who does the Plunge benefit?
All donations raised will benefit Special Olympics Kentucky. Funds raised will be used to provide year-round sports training and competition in 15 different sports, as well as comprehensive health screening programs for more than 10,200 individuals with intellectual disabilities.  

How do I sign up?
Visit and select register now and follow instructions on how to get your team or yourself registered. We are always available to help, just give us a call at 502-326-5002.

Who can participate?
Most importantly you must be in good physical health and over the age of 6.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian allowing them to participate.

How many people can be on a team?
There is no limit to the number of people that can be on a team. The more the merrier! 

How much does it cost to participate?
You must raise a BEAR minimum of $75 to take the plunge! Bear Cubs (plungers, ages 6-18), must raise $50. We have lots of tools to help you raise funds and even sample e-mails to make it easier and less time consuming for you! 

How do I know when to plunge?
You will receive a colored wrist band at check in. The emcees will announce what color is plunging and you can also look on the board to see the colors in order. You have to be wearing the wristband in order to plunge. The earlier you check in, the earlier you get to plunge!  

What do I wear?
Costumes are encouraged
!  We recommend bringing a towel and a change of clothes for after your plunge. There are tents where you can change out of your wet clothes and into something warmer so you can stick around to cheer on your friends!

Can I bring guest with me to the Plunge?
Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your friends and family to cheer you on! 

Are pets allowed?
We cannot allow any pets, except for service animals, for safety purposes.

What if my friend and family give me cash or checks instead of donating online?
No problem. You can mail them to the Special Olympics Kentucky office (1230 Liberty Bank Lane, Suite 140, Louisville, KY 40222, Attn:Louisville Polar Plunge) at least one week prior to the event or you can bring them with you to the event and turn it in when checking in. We will add it to your online fundraising totals. Please make checks payable to Special Olympics Kentucky, and be sure to note on the check who the donation is going to so we can credit you/ your team!

Are awards given out?
Yes, awards and bragging rights will be handed out to the winners of the following categories:
-Top Fundraising Teams in each of these categories: Corporate/Civic, School/University and Law Enforcement
-Top Three Individual Fundraisers (You'll be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 AAA Kentucky travel voucher!)
-Top Fundraising Special Olympics athlete
-Best Individual Costume
-Best Group Costume

Bonus: If you are one the the top three fundraisers at any of the Kentucky Polar Plunge locations you will be entered to win a $1000 Kentucky Travel Certificate from sponsor, AAA! 

What are the rules for the costume contest?
You can be as creative as you want to be! Please be respectful and not wear anything vulgar, risque, or suggestive costumes. You can wear masks during the contest but not while plunging. Judges decisions are final.

Can you earn prizes/incentives for fundraising?
Yes, the more money you raise the more cool prizes you earn. Please refer to the Fundraising Incentives page under the Event Information Tab for specifics.

***Still have a question that we didn’t answer? Please contact Jennifer at or 502-326-5002.  We look forward to seeing you there!