Introducing the first-ever UPS Paper Plane Challenge supporting Special Olympics Kentucky!

Concerns regarding safety prevent us from hosting your favorite tug-of-war with a 757 jet and we think this is the next best thing! Considering all the hard work that teams have already begun, Special Olympics Kentucky wanted to provide the chance to see your efforts through and to compete for division titles and fundraising awards.

This is a great way to get a group together, without getting together, to support Special Olympics Kentucky!

presented by BrightSpring

The UPS Paper Plane Challenge presented by BrightSpring for Special Olympics Kentucky is an exciting event to help support 11,000 athletes here in Louisville and across the state.

Can you “Push” as far as you can “Pull”?

UPSPP20 logo brand paper

Since we can’t challenge your team to PULL the 757 UPS jet 12 feet in the fastest time, we’re asking each team member to PUSH (😊) a paper plane for distance.   

Here’s how it works – 

Teams of 20 sign up in advance and raise a minimum of $1,500 to fold and fly paper planes for the longest team distance. Trophies are awarded in men's, women's, and co-ed divisions. There are also awards for the top individual and team fundraisers and for the top fundraising Special Olympics athlete. 


Each Paper Plane Challenge Team will have a Team Google Folder where individuals will use a google .doc to record their longest ‘flight’ distance and upload your videos of their flights. 

The honor system applies throughout the Paper Plane Challenge: 

  • Use the suggested folding technique or create your own!   
  • Use only standard copy paper (20 lbs.) for your plane(s)  
  • Use the full page, no cutting or trimming  
  • Do not add anything to your plane – no tape, no glue, no paper clips, etc. 
  • Do not throw in front of a fan or vent, etc.   
  • Maintain a level flight path (no throwing from 2nd story window) 


To calculate each individual team member’s flight distance: 

  • Make only two flights (you can use a separate plane for each flight, if desired) 
  • Record the longest distance per individual in the team roster (google .doc) set up for each team 


Be a part of the Facebook presentation on September 19 by uploading video clips of individual flights to the team Google folder.  

  • Team members upload video clips flying their plane so that we can make a compilation for each team 


Flights and videos to be recorded and submitted between September 2 and 7PM on September 17. 


Questions? Contact Jennifer: or Samantha: for help at any time.  


Event Schedule 

Individual Paper Plane Distances and Videos Submitted 

Wednesday, September 2 – Thursday, September 17 

Record longest of two flight distances and upload flight video to Team Google Folder. 

7:00PM September 17 is deadline for individual distance to be calculated towards team competition. 

Videos submitted after this time may not be included in Facebook presentation September 19.   



Thursday, September 17 

9am-7 pm -Captains Only, By Appointment due to social distancing 

SOKY Office; 1230 Liberty Bank Ln.; Suite 140 

Submit individual distances not recorded in google .doc and submit cash/check donations. 

Saturday, September 19

Event Day

10:00 AM

Facebook presentation featuring a compilation of video submissions and awards announcements. 

Follow our page here for easy access to the Live Event:


THANK YOU for supporting Special Olympics Kentucky! 

Come find out more about how you and your company or group can pull your weight for Special Olympics. You can be among the first to reserve your team's place in line for the Biggest Challenge in Louisville.