Fundraising Prizes

Earn prizes as you fundraise! First comes your #ChillofaLifetime and Polar Plunge t-shirt and keep earning until 600 to recieve prizes cumulatively. When you earn levels four and five, you will choose your incentive! Take your pick on which top level prize to keep along with your towel, bottle opener, and t- shirt. The Top Three Individual Fundraisers will be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 AAA Kentucky travel voucher! 

$75-149 ($50 for participants 6-18 years old) - Earn your Participant T-shirt and Plunge with us!

Plunge tshirt

$150-299 - Level 1: Polar Plunge T-Shirt and Bottle Opener

bottle opener.PNG

$300-599 - Level 2: Polar Plunge T-Shirt, Bottle Opener and Towel

Plunge towel 2020 ky.png

$600-999 - Level 3: Polar Plunge T-Shirt, Bottle Opener, Towel and Camp Mug

mug ky oh.png

$1,000-1,499 - Level 4: Polar Plunge T-Shirt, Koozie, Towel and Sherpa Blanket (or Camp mug)


$1,500 and up - Level 5: Polar Plunge T-Shirt, Bottle Opener, Towel and Men's or Women's Jacket (or your choice of Blanket or Camp Mug, instead)

Plunge Jacket Mock up 2020 (1).png