Salute to Summer Games Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Salute to Summer Games?

Once again this year, the Salute to Summer Games was a way for  specifically for the Knights of Columbus from across Kentucky to come together to help provide the resources needed to hold the State Summer Games in 2022 and beyond.

Who can participate in the Salute to Summer Games?

Every Knights Council or Assembly and individual Knights are welcome to participate. The goal is for Knights to raise at least $10,000 to be recognized as a Gold Sponsor of the 2022 State Summer Games. Register your Council as a Team or sign up on your own to get started. Connect your fundraising page to your Facebook page to help raise funds to support Special Olympics Kentucky athletes.


Are athletes participating in sport competition this year at Summer Games?

YES! While it won't be quite the same as in year's past, athletes will be on campus at Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday, June 4, for a day of competition and fun.

What is my donation supporting?

Contributions will help support this year's State Summer Games as well as ongoing Special Olympics Kentucky programming. Check out information about SOKY’s mission here.


What is Summer Games?

Summer Games is the culmination of competition for five sports. This year, athletes are set to compete in Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Soccer, Bocce and Track & Field against athletes from across the state.


Why should I create a Facebook fundraiser?

Facebook Fundraisers are very successful with relatively little effort on your part.  Facebook is an easy way to connect your social circle to a cause you care about - the future of Special Olympics Kentucky.  Imagine the impact you could make by inviting your Facebook network to join you in helping Special Olympics Kentucky athletes get back out on the playing field.  Imagine if 10 of your Friends donated $10?  Imagine if 20 of your Friends donated $20?  Those dollars will go a long way to support the athletes of SOKY.

How do I create my Facebook fundraiser?

Join us by signing up and following our easy instructions found here.


Where can I connect to Special Olympics Kentucky social media?

Follow us on Facebook at, Instagram @SO_Kentucky and Twitter @SOKentucky.

Can I claim my donation on my 2022 taxes?


Does Facebook take a percentage of my donation?

No. The full donation amount made through our Facebook fundraising tool in the participant center comes back to Special Olympics Kentucky.

Who can I contact about Salute to Summer Games?

If you have any questions, contact Mark at or 502-695-8222.